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Sharpeville Breweries

Sharpeville Breweries is founded on unwavering passion for great beers. We at Sharpeville are of the philosophy that beer, very much like food, is a delicacy that you enjoy because of its sweetness, its bitterness, its character, its aroma, its colour and many other characteristics that a particular beer style can yield from each individual palate. Beer to us represent an intensely artistic, sophisticated, patient and scientific process.   We love beer. We make beer. We are about beer. Beer is our passion. We also believe in responsible drinking not so much because of the social ills that come with irresponsible drinking but ours is rather informed by our passion for beer. To us, beer is a way of life,a culture  

Why Sharpeville? We are born and raised here. This is the township that raised us. My Father, my Mother, my brothers and my sisters. Parents of friends, School Teachers, Football Coaches, Tennis Coaches to mention a few. The friends that we have made and lost along the way. This Township is important to me  

This township has such a remarkable history. This Township has a name that has a global reach. This offers a unique position in South Africa amongst South Africa Townships. Sharpeville is not any other township and its citizenry should not let it be just any township. We have taken too long to come back, we have kept the people waiting for too long, it is time that we acted

We also analysed trends within the market, no we lie, we were already in the beer market… mostly in the drinking market at that time. Our Love for Beer + Our Love for our Home = Greatest Love of All. Sharpeville Breweries was born from this love, this passion.   Our first beer, Sharpeville Superior lager has embedded the legacy of this township in its recipe by making its first beer at whopping 6% ABV, which is unheard of in the current beer brewing market. The 6% is for 1960 and demonstrates the brewery's commitment to the township and its people.   We are Sharpeville Breweries -

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